DAOQI bearing after sales service&quality warranty

What types of bearing DAOQI bearing supplier??

Firstly, DAOQI bearing has a very competitive price and three years warranty. Below is the quality warranty for each featured product:

A.Deep groove ball bearing (such as 60 series,62 series, 63series, 61 series for thin deep groove ball bearings )

B.Angular contact ball bearing (70 series.72 series.73 series)

C.Self-aligning ball bearing

D.Thrust ball bearing (511 series,512 series,513 series)

E.Cylindrical roller bearing ( for examples NU series, NJ Series, NUPseries, N series RNU series)

F.Spherical roller bearing (230 series,222series,223series)

G.Taper roller bearing(inch size roller bearing)

H.Eccentric bearing

I.Pillow block bearing housing(UCP, UCF, UCPA Series)

Next, we will provide long-life after-sales service, you will know that DAOQI PARTS is your best partner among all the suppliers.

Package details of DAOQI bearing:

1. Original package from Our brand DAOQI PARTS.

2.Neutral package+carton box+wooden pallet.

3. Follow the customer’s request. Anyway, DAOQI PARTS will guarantee the integrity of the product

daoqi bearing package
daoqi bearing package

Delivery details for all kinds of DAOQI bearing:

1. For small weight or urgent parts, we suggest selecting express, such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS, etc.

2. Bulk cargo we will ship by air (airport to airport, professional company will complete customs clearance).

3. Large goods we will send by ship. More importantly, we will provide free shipping. Usually need 10-15 days.

DAOQI PARTS is a well-known bearing brand in China. We can provide competitive prices with a 3-year warranty. Samples are free to send to you for quality tests. If you want more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us 7×24 hours. We will reply to all customers on time. Please believe me, cooperating with us is your most correct choice.