How bearing puller tool works?

Importance of bearing puller tool:

When replacing bearing, the bearing puller tool is a disassembly tool that staff must use. With the continuous development and progress of society, different types of mechanical equipment have different installation positions for bearings. The equipment will inevitably need to be maintained or damaged after a period of operation. Then, difference bearing puller tools will use in the disassembly process. Today we will introduce two differences bearing removal tool usage.

Bearing puller category:

1. Puller bearing separator: For small-sized bearings installed on cylindrical shaft diameters, two-jaw, three-jaw, and hydraulic bearing pullers are more commonly used. The hook should act on the inner ring of the bearing, and by slowly rotating the handle, the bearing will be pulled out slowly. The most commonly used is to disassemble groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings,  and angular contact bearings. If the bearing is very small, we will suggest using a suitable drill, and it is also a quick way to tap the bearing inner ring lightly.

Pay attention to:
A: Be sure to hook the inner ring of the bearing, not the outer ring. To avoid bearing damage, it is more difficult to disassemble.
B: As soon as the screw rod is aligned with the center hole of the shaft, it cannot be inclined. Ensure that the bearing is evenly stressed.

2. Heating method: used to disassemble the bearing with the inner ring tightly fitted. The oil heated to 100 degrees is poured on the inner ring of the bearing, and after the bearing is heated and expanded, it can be pulled out with a puller. When disassembling the inner ring of needle roller bearings or NU, NJ, and NUP cylindrical roller bearings, we will suggest the hot disassembly method.

Pay attention to:
A: The temperature of the oil is too high, so be sure to pay attention to safety issues.
B: Before heating, be sure to wrap the shaft to prevent the shaft from thermal expansion along with the inner ring of the bearing. Increase the difficulty of disassembly.

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bearing puller tools
bearing puller tools