Bearing SNL 532

Bearing SNL 532


Pillow block bearing housing










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DAOQI PARTS are the best supplier for all kinds of pillow blcok bearing and bearing housing, 10 years warranty, best price, free samples, more than 20 years OEM service.  More details about block bearings SNL 532 please contact us.

The role of the pillow block bearing SNL 532

In short, the bearing housing has two very important functions: one is to support the bearing. It can fix the outer ring of the bearing, only allow the inner ring to rotate and always keep the same with the transmission direction (such as the motor direction), and keep the balance. Another important function is to protect the bearing. Bearings tend to corrode or rust when used in harsh environments. The protection of the pillow block bearing effectively prolongs the service life of the bearing. There are two kinds of bearing housing types: split bearing block and flange bearing housing. The pillow block SNL 532 we are going to introduce today is a plummer block bearing.

Maintenance of SNL 532 bearing housing

The biggest difference between the bearing holder and the roll bearing is that the bearings block is almost maintenance-free. Pillow block SNL 532 is almost maintenance-free. A large 2 bolt bearing are made of high-temperature cast iron or cast steel for high wear resistance and high pressure resistance. We can provide 10 years of warranty service. When replacing self aligning bearings, we need to carefully clean the inside of the pillow block flange bearing to avoid wear and bumps. There are SN series, SNL series, and SD series of bearing housings according to the difference between supporting the bearing and shaft outer diameter. For example: SNL520, SD3134, SN 520, etc.

pillow block bearing housing
pillow block bearing housing

Plummer block bearing features

bearing housing features
bearing housing features

High-strength manufacturing, durable, strong endurance, high processing accuracy.

We can provide OEM/ODM service, all sizes will follow your request.

It is suitable for large machinery and almost maintenance-free.

If you want to know more types of pedestal bearings size, please contact us. We will provide a free 3D drawing.

More than 20 years of experience in taper roll bearing service. DAOQI PARTS is the famous brand-bearing authorized distributor,100% original products.

SNL 532 Flange bearing housing size chart:

SNL532 bearing housing size chart

Other types of pillow block bearing:

pillow block bearing housing types
pillow block bearing housing types

Application of the bearing holder SNL 532:

The upper cover and base of the pedestal bearings Plummer block bearing SNL 532 are separable and mainly carry radial loads. It is suitable for spherical roller bearings and self aligning ball bearings with cylindrical and tapered bores. Spherical bearings need to be used with sleeve bearing. Applications include steel mill belt processing equipment, fans, and blowers, paper machinery, crushers, shredders, logging industry, etc.

pillow block bearing housing application
pillow block bearing housing application