Sleeve bearing H3034

Sleeve Bearing H3034


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DAOQI PARTS are the best supplier for all kinds of sleeve bearing and adapter sleeve bearing. Sleeve bearing is a necessary part for bearings with tapered holes when positioning the cylindrical shaft. The biggest advantage is that it is easy to install and does not require additional fixing on the shaft.

Sleeve bearing types:

There are two types of sleeve bearing. One is the adapter sleeve bearing, such as adapter sleeve bearing H3034. the other is the withdrawal sleeves bearing, such as HE3034.

The function of the steel sleeve bushing is to fix the bearing in any position of the shaft. Suitable for large spherical bearings and heavy-duty environments. The bearing sleeve consists of 3 parts, sleeve, lock nut, and locking device. For example H3034 sleeve bushing, the lock nut is KML34, and the locking device is MBL34. The sleeve bushing needs to be used in conjunction with self-aligning bearings.

The tapered design of the withdrawal sleeve is designed to facilitate installation and removal. It can greatly improve efficiency and reduce the maintenance cost of the machine. The withdrawal sleeve is particularly convenient for installation, disassembly, and maintenance of large-sized tapered bore bearings (self-aligning ball bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, double-row cylindrical roller bearings) that are installed at the shaft end and are often disassembled. Widely used in light industry, metallurgy, rolling mills, and other heavy machinery and equipment.

How to install and remove sleeve bearing H3034

installation steps:

  1. Grease the inner diameter, outer diameter, and nut surface of the Adapter bearing sleeve H3034
  2. Combine the adapter sleeve bearing and the roller bearings (the H3034 generally paired bearings are spherical roller bearing 22334K and 23034K bearing. Or self aligning ball bearings 2334K, 2234K bearing). Tighten the NUT KML34 and inject high-pressure oil into the oil hole.
  3. Adjust the bearing clearance by adjusting the tightness of the nut. After adjusting the nut clearance, it can be installed at any position on the cylindrical shaft.

Disassembly steps:

  1. When disassembling the sleeve bearing H3034, apply grease to the thread of the bearing sleeve and the bearing contact surface to lubricate.
  2. Inject high-pressure oil into the oil hole of the adapter sleeve, turn the nut hard to pressurize, and make the brass sleeve bushing withdraw.
H310 bearing bushing

Sleeve bearing H3034 features:

H310 bearing bushing
H3034 bearing bushing

Bearing steel material can be used for any mechanical equipment, DAOQI PARTS can provide 5 years warranty service.

We can provide OEM/ODM service, all sizes will follow your request.

It is suitable for large machinery and almost maintenance-free.

Use the nut to adjust the tightness. in the case where the assembly of bearings is limited by conditions, bearing sleeves can solve the assembly and disassembly problems.

When the mechanical equipment vibrates at a high frequency, the shaft is easily displaced. With the adapter sleeve, the position of the shaft can be firmly fixed.

Ball bushing sleeve bearing H3034 size chart:

sleeve bearing H3034
sleeve bearing H3034

Application of the 23034 bearing sleeve:

Bearing bushing is widely used in places with light loads and inconvenient disassembly. There are many large bearings that have difficulties in mounting and dismounting, especially in the interior of the pillow block bearing where there are many restrictions. In this case, using a ball bushing will solve the problem very well. At the same time, the installation of the bearing sleeve also solves the axial movement of the bearing, which greatly improves the service life of the mechanical equipment.

Adapter sleeve ball bushing H3034 is mainly used in machinery, printing and dyeing, paper-making, chemical industry, aerospace, coal, petroleum, automobile, construction machinery, metallurgy, and other industries. It belongs to the plain bearing, which is a bearing that works under sliding friction and rotates relative to the shaft. Generally, it needs to be assisted by a lubrication system. 

sleeve bearing applcation
sleeve bearing applcation