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Eccentric bearing 502312 has a large stock in Hong Kong and Malaysia, the fast delivery and free samples will be provided.  DAOQI PARTS are the best supplier for all kinds of eccentric roller bearing, three years warranty, best price, free samples, more than 20 years OEM service.  

Classification of eccentric bearing

There are many types of eccentric bearing. Below we will introduce them separately from the application and characteristics:

1. Overall eccentric bearings: generally refers to double row eccentric bearing. It is a cylindrical roller bearing unit with internal and external eccentric double-layer raceways. The most common is to install on both sides of the printing press. Because of its special structure, compared with ordinary cylindrical roller bearings, it has strong vibration absorption capacity and longer life. However, its biggest advantage is that it has overload protection. The most common manufacturers are Japan eccentric bearings. The representative models are: 200752904, 350752904, etc. Is a very special bearing type.

2. Single-row eccentric bearing 502312: Compared with roller bearing, it is a cylindrical roller bearing with a single-layer raceway with inner eccentricity. This kind of bearing does not need an eccentric shaft to realize the eccentric function, which greatly reduces the cost of equipment use. The more common representative models are: 150712200, 200712200, 250712201 and so on.

Roller bearings+ Eccentric lock sleeve:

Single row cylindrical roller bearing add eccentric lock: This type of eccentric bearing is the most commonly used and most common in equipment. At the same time, because it can be matched with eccentric sleeves of different angles, it is convenient to install and disassemble. And it can replace the overall type of eccentric bearings basically. Common models are: 65UZS418T2X-SX, 85UZS419T2-SX.

Mounted bearing add eccentric lock: When some equipment needs to realize the function of eccentric shaft, it is easy to realize this function by adding an eccentric lock sleeve to the fixed bearing housing. The most common bearings YET208, YET215 and so on.

In brief, If you need drawings of eccentric bearing 502312, please do not hesitate to contact us. The best quality and the most competitive price make DAOQI PARTS bacome your most suitable partner. Any question please contact us, we will reply on time.

Eccentric bearing 502312 features

eccentric bearing features
eccentric bearing features

Low noise to keep the fast speed.

Running in stable speed to keep high efficient.

High precision, the material is bearing steel for long life, we have 3 years quality warranty.

Precision and secret technology, corrosion resistant and wear ressitant ball bearing

DAOQI PARTS are china facoty for ball bearing and roller bearings, the large inventory to ensure fast delivery time, only 2-3 days.

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