Causes and Prevention Methods of deep groove ball bearings Corrosion

The corrosion of deep groove ball bearings can be summed up in 4 categories:

1. The working environment, temperature, and humidity of the grooved ball bearings. This is the most important cause of radial ball bearing corrosion.

2. The solution and PH value in contact with the bearing surface. For example, the working environment under strong acid and alkali greatly reduces the service life of the bearing.

3. Human sweat is also an important cause of bearing corrosion. Therefore, during installation and maintenance, workers should wear gloves and not touch them directly.

4. The material and design structure of the single row deep groove ball bearing. This is a secondary reason. For example bearings 6004, Stainless steel bearing or ceramic balls will last longer life service.

deep groove ball bearings
deep groove ball bearings

Methods to prevent rust of deep groove ball bearings:

1. Immersion method: Some small bearings are immersed in anti-rust grease. We can increase the temperature of the grease to make it adhere to the surface of the bearing. Such as skateboard bearing 608ZZ.

2. For some special liquids, we can provide professional corrosion-resistant bearings, such as all ceramic ball bearings. stainless mounted bearing housing and so on.

How to deal with rust on the surface of deep groove ball bearing:

1. Combining the nature of the bearing material, first solvent cleaning or chemical cleaning to deal with surface problems.
2. Use a temperature of 120-170 degrees for drying, and then repair.