When use eccentric locking collar?

Eccentric locking collar introduction:

The eccentric bearing assembly is a relatively rare equipment part. But it plays a very important role in much mechanical equipment. Although its structure is relatively complicated, it is very convenient to use, and the eccentric function can be realized without an eccentric shaft, which reduces the manufacturing cost of the eccentric device. It plays an indispensable role in reducers, printing equipment, paper manufacturing machinery, and equipment.

The most primitive eccentric bearing is the non-separable eccentric locking collar bearing. Although it realizes the eccentric function, it is very difficult to install and disassemble because of its large size. With the continuous development of industrial equipment, smart humans invented separable eccentric roller bearings.

It consists of 3 parts, an eccentric sleeve, and two cylindrical roller bearings. When the eccentric locking collar at one end of the cylindrical shaft moves irregularly, it drives the shaft to follow its trajectory to realize the eccentric function.

eccentric locking collar
eccentric bearing

When we will select eccentric bearing assembly?

When the requirement for eccentric angle is relatively small, we can also choose an eccentric locking collar. The function of the eccentric sleeve is to realize the adjustment of the diameter of the inner hole, and the tightening screw is added to achieve the purpose of the axial direction of the inner ring. It is most commonly used in combination with outer spherical bearings. However, it has many limitations and is suitable for light load and non-impact situations. For more eccentric roller bearing problems, please visit our official website.

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