Stainless steel ball bearings

what circumstances are we choosing stainless steel ball bearings units?

First of all, the stainless steel ball bearing units are a very important industrial part. It not only has the function of self-aligning but also has very good air-tightness. Generally, we design a 3-layer oil seal. In addition to the dustproof function, the most important thing is the waterproof function. Even if there is liquid, it will not corrode the internal structure.

If your flanged bearing housing is used under high-temperature conditions, we recommend that you purchase stainless steel mounted bearing. Even if it is used in a high-temperature environment of 300 degrees, it will not cause damage to the mechanical equipment. If used in food machinery, we provide 304 stainless steel. If used in medical equipment, we provide 316 high-precision stainless steel. At the same time, no matter what type of bearing seat it is, its installation and disassembly are very convenient.

stainless steel ball bearings
stainless steel ball bearings

Supplier of stainless steel bearing housing:-DAOQI PARTS

DAOQI PARTS is one of the famous sealmaster bearing manufacturers in China. The products we sell are provided with a 3-year warranty, free installation, and lifetime after-sales service. If you are a non-standard model, we provide OEM/ODM services.
If it is the first time to cooperate and you are worried about the quality of the product, we will send you samples for free. At the same time, we can also provide the most competitive prices to maximize your profits.

The other types of stainless steel ball bearings:

There are many types of stainless steel ball bearings, the most commonly used are stainless steel deep groove ball bearings. The main difference between it and ordinary bearings is corrosion resistance. If the use environment is a corrosive chemical plant such as acid, it is recommended to choose stainless steel ball bearings. Its cost performance is much higher than that of ceramic bearings. More details about bearing please contact us, DAOQI PARTS have more than 20 years of ball bearing manufacture. Samples are free send to you for quality tests.

stainless stell ball bearing units
stainless stell ball bearing units